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New Year… new packaging!

For all of you looking for ease of use, faster application and a product that is always fresh, NW 1 PLUS has been put into a bottle!

We always and closely follow the polishing processes in the various Italian and European production sites and we exchange views with the operators who are involved in those processes every day. Countries, languages ​​and time zones may change, but the job to be done and ways to do it are very similar everywhere; and a little bit everywhere this wish has emerged: to have the same cutting power, the same speed, the same shiny finish as NW 1 PLUS, all in a bottle, instead of a bucket. A bottle to shake, to carry with you more easily on scaffolding. A bottle that make it possible to apply the paste directly on the surface, just as a toothpaste, without the need for a brush.

Your wish has been granted. NW 1 PLUS is now also in the bottle. Your work is now easier and faster. Would you like to watch it at work? Here is a foretaste, enjoy!

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